Live New Orleans

Faith No More


November 30, 1996

Vocalist Mike Patton was dressed in a suit, and he stood like a soldier. He approached the mic, and with his electronic kazoo, he began Faith No More's first song--a cover of the theme to "Midnight Cowboy."

Patton went on to cover movie soundtracks with Fantomas when FNM broke up after their 1997 tour in support of "Album of The Year." FNM had managed to get "Last Cup of Sorrow" on radio, but all the kids at the festival weren't there to see them. That's the vibe I got when the band played, sang, or did anything weird, like the crowd wasn't used to a non-programmed Rock band.

FNM was martial in their tightness. They played their songs well and got the hell outta there. I don't remember Patton making small talk, and I didn't expect him to. Instead, he sang with spitting, crazed vigor as he danced with the mic stand.

The band's mix of grandiose Rock and Rap was great. It was smart Metal. Add Roddy Bottum's synthesizer and you've got some strange, yet wonderful music. This show was a chance to catch FNM's Mike Bordin, who is one of my favorite Rock drummers.

The band didn't stray from the hits--"Epic," "Falling to Pieces," "We Care a Lot"--but they also played obscure new stuff like "Collision."

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