Live New Orleans


UNO Lakefront Arena

October 02, 2003

I was very impressed with Supergrass. But, no matter how much you like a band, it's hard to get immersed in thier set if the crowd isn't having it. The crowd wasn't having it. So, unfortunately, the energy wasn't there. Everyone was waiting for Radiohead. I understand that, but Supergrass is a great rock group in their own right. Tight, catchy, bottom heavy Brit-pop. They've had singles, videos, and whatever.

I actually enjoyed that I ended up recognizing only two songs from their set. One was a hit("Pumpin' on Your Stereo") and one wasn't, so the fact that they played it was that much cooler. It was a testament to their talent that I was able to easily get into their songs and be really rocking out to them even though I hadn't heard them before. The songs just had a listener-friendly structure that was easy to latch onto.

Also, these guys plowed through an unfriendly crowd while the lead singer, I believe, had the flu. I could tell. They were a little rusty, but I understood. 80% Supergrass is better than no Supergrass at all.


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