Live New Orleans


UNO Lakefront Arena

August 02, 1995

I stood in line outside Blockbuster Music or whatever it was at the time to get tickets for Live. My enthusiasm made sense. "Throwing Copper" is still one of the best records of the '90's. At this point in time, Live had already released the four or five singles from that album, and I had bought their first album, so I was prepared to be one of those "Surprise me" type of fans at the concert.

I remember being very satisfied when I left the arena. I can't remember if they closed with it or not, but they did this amazing version of "White, Discussion." I was on the floor, and I have this vivid image of the black stage getting inundated with flashing white light from every direction. It went well with the crazier parts of the song. But, they still didn't play "Stage," the most rockin' song on that album. How could they not? I have a fellow concertgoer/friend who's still kinda angry about that.

Since they didn't have much material to draw from, Live was smart to slow their set down in the middle and pull out a mobile living room-style stage. They did all of their first album material here, and it was a nice change of pace.

So, at their peak, Live rocked.

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