Live New Orleans



April 30, 2000

He was thirty minutes late to the stage. It was friggin' hot out there with 80,000(maybe) people squished together. It's pretty disrespectful to leave people in the heat while you chill in the dressing room. Sting just looks like a douche, doesn't he? Is it just me--that he looks like one of these new agey, proper, selfish Englishmen that are annoying as all hell? He was nice enough in concert, but then again, I wouldn't expect him to incite like Johnny Rotten. Oh, and the other thing he's got going against him is that he's the only thing standing in the way of The Police getting back together.

But, he's actually made some catchy solo stuff. "Fields of Gold" is one of my all-time favorite romantic-like songs. He played that, thank God. His band was spot-on, as I'd expect from hired hands. Sting did some stuff from his new CD, "Brand New Day," and he also hit on other solo hits. Sting was into his music, but he wasn't much of a conversationalist. The air of royalty steaming off of him--Why must I speak to you peasants--I'm Sting.

People got more into it when he pulled out the Police material, as would be expected. It was cool to hear "Roxanne" and "Every Breath You Take" live, but the songs were only a reminder that he was cheating. Where was Stewart Copeland's drumming? Across town with Oysterhead, if I remember correctly.

So, it was a decent concert. Sting's songwriting saved it. If he would have come out with crappy stuff, the heat and his tardiness would have overrun the songs. Man, The Police put out so much better stuff than him.

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