Live New Orleans

Bush and No Doubt

UNO Lakefront Arena

February 16, 1996

Bush was the popular thing. They got about five singles out of their first album, but I can't believe I still liked them when I was a senior in high school. I'm surprised I didn't have better taste at that point, but that's probably what I'll be saying about right now when I'm 40. Bush is one of the few bands that I saw but then turned my back on. They weren't as good as I thought. I mean, I'll still listen to one of their songs on the radio for nostalgic purposes, but there was definetely nothing special about their music. They were the Creed of their day. So, on to the concert...

No Doubt was touring off the hit "Just a Girl," and it was an alright song, but I definetely wasn't there to see them. I sat up in the balcony during their set, conserving my energy, and I was pleasantly surprised. They had so much energy. They were still very much a ska spinoff at the point, not the pop/dance band they've turned into. Which isn't too bad, either. "Hella Good" is infectious. So, No Doubt's three strong horn section was killin', and they were dancing when they weren't playing. The whole band was running around the stage. I shouldn't have had my mind so closed to them at the beginning of the set, but by the end, I was a fan. They came out swingin'.

I can't remember much about Bush. They had an expensive stage show, though. I remember that. And I remember all the girls went crazy when Gavin did "Glycerine" by himself. I think I also saw a lot of the guys induce vomiting at that point. At the end of the set, there was big lit message rolling from left to right behind the stage. It said something fairly rebellious, I believe. Hell, the slightest thing is rebellious when you're 18.

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