Live New Orleans


Loyola Quad

November 30, 1998

This was before interest in RUN DMC was resurrected after their appearance with Kid Rock and Aerosmith at The MTV Video Music Awards later in the year. Apparently, RUN DMC was travelling anywhere people would put up money, putting aside their legendary status and pride. I wasn't a big fan. I liked the small amount of hits I had heard, especially "It's Tricky."

The concert was crazy. It was a great time having a crowd of people on the grass outside dancing and singing along to the music. It was kinda surreal hearing those songs in person. The time RUN DMC had presided over in music had already been sealed in gold, it seemed, so the concert felt special.

The band was on. I remember jumping up and down a lot, and I remember the band getting the crowd to put their hands up in the air. They played all the hits. Definetely "Mary, Mary." The only complaint I had was the short set. It was over before I knew it, and people must have waited out there for thirty minutes or so for them to come back. There was some talk that they were just taking a break, and I can't remember if they came back or not. It was disappointing. They had built up so much energy just to leave the crowd hangin'. But, for what time they did play, they rocked. I'm glad I saw them.

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