Live New Orleans

Tenacious D

House of Blues

October 17, 2001

If you love rock but still have enough sense of humor to poke a little dramatic fun at it, then Tenacious D is for you. The acoustic guitar duo of Kyle Gass and Jack Black lampooned rock lovingly with funny lyrics and an irreverent attitude at the House of Blues October 17th, 2001. That's right--I said, "October 17th, 2001." That was the day the greatest band on earth(Tenacious D) blew into New Orleans and rocked my fucking socks off! They also almost gave me a hernia from laughing so hard.

I knew their debut album frontwards and backwards going into the show, so the concert was like how I acted out the album by myself--except other people and the band were acting it out with me. The band didn't rock as hard as they did on CD because it was only the two of them up there, but Black made up for it with his performance skills. That man was and is the gesture king--he threw out tons of bombastic rock manneurisms like it was nothing. He was a lot of fun to watch. Gass was a great foil as his straight man.

They played most of their album. A highlight was when superfan Lee emerged from backstage during his song. I also remember him in some sort of costume mock fighting with the band. It was a fun, visually exciting concert. Another great moment was when Black broke out his saxaboom, a toy electronic saxaphone that has programmed beats to go along with whatever you play. Black's saxaboom playing was impressive. I'm still waiting for the saxaboom to catch on with modern rock bands. The first thing I think of when I remember the concert was the film the duo showed during a performance break. It was basically a very crude but hilarious scene where Black offers oral pleasantries to Gass without knowing it's Gass. I think there was a lot of toothpaste and foam involved, as well. You get the picture.

One of most fun rock shows I've seen.

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