Live New Orleans

Bob Mould

Battery Park--New York City

November 30, 2001

I would have liked to see Bob Mould on his "Last Dog and Pony Tour" in 1998, but I had to settle for an acoustic performance during my short residence in New York City in 2002. I don't remember Mould coming to New Orleans. Anyway, his outdoors show at Battery Park was a divided affair.

The first half of the show Mould played strictly acoustic versions of his solo material. I really enjoyed it, even though my knowledge of his work only extends to his self-titled album. And Husker Du, of course. Because all memories are revisionist anyway, let's say he played "Next Time That You Leave," "Roll Over and Die," "Pink Turns to Blue," and "Makes No Sense At All."

There was a decent amount of people out to see the free show. That's what's so great about New York. Bob Mould might be playing free somewhere for no reason. Anyway, Mould looked well, and he went through a good hour and a half of material. Some of it I wish he would have left at home.

The second half of the show was full of Mould's experimentations with electronic beats and melodies. He played electric guitar along to the pre-arranged robotic music. It was pretty bad. One song after another. I thought he would turn it around and turn out a gem at some point, but that whole span of songs was mush. Nice try, though.

Then, of course, once I had already decided to walk away all the way down the pier, he went acoustic again and broke out "Could You Be The One?" What a great Husker Du song. I heard it from a distance. It made my day.

So, the Pixies did it. What about a Husker Du reunion?

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