Live New Orleans

House of Pain


November 30, 1996

I can't imagine House of Pain was touring as late as '97, but they did release their last album in '96. It was either '96 or '97. Doesn't really matter. This was my first real club show, and even though the band's time had come and gone, the place was packed. All the white suburban kids who wanted to rebel against their parents by acting black.

The show was a fun, drunk, testosterone-filled slam fest. Get stoopid. I've got a feeling House of Pain will be remembered as a one-hit wonder, but they were actually a really good band. I didn't have any of their albums, but their beats and rhymes were quality, even if they were a little juvenile and simplistic. Everlast was no Black Thought(of Roots fame), but DJ Lethal, who later went to Limp Bizkit, kept everything together.

You know the posts on the ground floor in Tips? It was so crowded that one guy was actually hanging from it. Men are monkeys? What?

Good, adolescent fun.

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