Live New Orleans

A Perfect Circle

Voodoo Music Festival

November 02, 2003

I didn't expect much. I didn't know what to expect. I knew their two radio singles--"3 Libras" and "Judith." The main draw for me was to hear Maynard's voice, since I still haven't seen Tool(that's the sound of me hitting myself on the head).

I was very impressed by this show--visually and musically. The show began with Maynard turning and writhing on a shadowed, cloth-surrounded platform above the band. A neat spectacle. Maynard was quite a performer the whole night, contorting his body as he produced his voice.

The band played their dark, sideways hard rock with confidence and efficiency. Drummer Josh Freese showed why he's one of the most requested rock drummers around. It was great to see Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha again. He sang a piece of a boy band song, which drew a chuckle from the crowd. Actually, the whole concert had a lighthearted and jovial vibe, despite the dark nature of the music. A great moment was when Maynard castigated Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen for leaving A Perfect Circle for his new band, which had just played before them. Like a teacher embarassing and making an example of a student in front of the class, Maynard ordered Troy to come onstage, which he did. The band then played "The Nurse Who Loved Me," a cover from Failure, another former Van Leeuwen band. It was a slow, delicate song--a nice change in pace.

In the end, the show was so good that it convinced me to get A Perfect Circle's new album.

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