Live New Orleans


Spanish Moon--Baton Rouge

January 22, 2001

I haven't been to a more reverent rock show in my life. The audience was so quiet as they sat on the dancefloor. It felt like Church. I didn't expect this from people in Baton Rouge, who, no offense, were a little less open-minded than people in New Orleans. But, props to them. Everything was so quiet except for the band that one continuously loud, drunk guy was basically willed out of the bar by the crowd's cult-like focus on the group.

The trio's slow, delicate, and minimal music was so beautiful I can't really describe it. They operate with guitar, bass, harmonies, a snare, floor tom and cymbal. My earlier description of The Spanish moon as Church was proper. Low's music was so pure and striking that it was spiritual, at least to me. If you want people to really tear up at your funeral, get Low to play it. The band produces sounds that are easy to wallow in, like a warm blanket. Something warm, safe and reliable.

They played two of my favorite songs from 2001's beautiful album, "Things We Lost in the Fire"--"Sunflower" and "Dinosaur Act."

Thanks, Low.

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