Live New Orleans

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

UNO Lakefront Arena

August 26, 2003

Tom Petty was a surprising showman. He played to each side of the arena, and he performed the role of rock god well. He shook with his guitar and made the concert fun. Wow--to see Mike Campbell play all those famous solos live was very cool.

It was a hits filled show--"American Girl," "Refugee," "Mary Jane's Last Dance"--there are really too many to mention. He played about 16 songs, but the highlight was one of the best "band" songs Petty ever produced--"You Wreck Me" from Petty's solo album "Wildflowers." They ripped through that song, and it made the concert feel like less than a hit parade. But, really, I wanted the hit parade. I won't lie.

Lot of sing-alongs this night. The band did well, and hopefully they'll keep on truckin'.

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