Live New Orleans

The Afghan Whigs

The Shim Sham Club

September 04, 1999

This was their seventh to last show ever, and they were in top form. Which--for them--means that they were sleazy, cocky, and probably a little drugged up. Hell, it would seem like lead singer Greg Dulli would have to be high as a kite just to live up to half of his reputation.

The band was supporting their sexy and quality swan song, "1965," and they played the role of rock stars. I didn't see them unless they were onstage, and Dulli preyed against the crowd. He knew his power. With his hair slicked and an evil sneer, Dulli gave an electrifying performance, as did the band, back-up singers and horn section. Man, it was so cool to see the bass intro to "Debonair" played live. Wow. The band rocked, but so much of what they did had to do with the bump of Motown, the sex of Vegas, and the low-down go-for-broke attitude of New Orleans. To show their soul roots, The Afghan Whigs covered Stevie Wonder's "Superstition," Prince's "Little Red Corvette," and The Supremes' "Come See About Me."

The show was almost two hours long, and I remember coming away very satisfied.


01. Crazy (slow version, vocals Steve Meyer)
02. Somethin' Hot
03. Crazy
04. If I Were Going
05. Debonair
06. King Only
07. John The Baptist
08. Blame, Etc.
09. Superstition/Going To Town
10. Uptown Again
11. Come See About Me
12. Neglekted
13. 66/Little Red Corvette
14. When We Two Parted
15. Citi Soleil
16. Faded
17. Fountain And Fairfax
18. Omerta/The Vampire Lanois
19. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (vocals Steve Meyer)

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