Live New Orleans

Medeski Martin and Wood

State Palace Theater

April 30, 1999

I actually took a nap at this show. Everyone was standing up in their seats, and there's something comforting about being aurrounded by standing people when you're sitting. Also, it was a long day at Jazzfest and MMW can really cool it out. Make it trancey.

These guys carry the torch of fusion, as far as I'm concerned. People were recording the hell out of this show, and after a while, people were dancing in the aisles. I've seen these guys at least three times, and every time I feel like at one point my head can't handle their genius. One of those moments where I can't scream loud enough and it would be great if my head could explode and then re-form just to get all that tension out my body.

Everyone was on, as usual. I have to give it up to Wood, though. If it's possible one member is unheralded, it's him, but he's a freak on the upright and the electric. "Hey Joe" was great because there were no lyrics, and I got this feeling of "wait, i've heard this song before." My favorite "Bubblehouse" was the encore. Nice.
Michael Ray came out dancing in the middle of one song and played his trumpet. I think he even did some somersaults.

Setlist: Improv, Seven Deadlies, Olde Wyne, C-Jam Blues, Start/Stop, Is There Anybody Here That Loves My Jesus, Rise Up, Drum Solo, Angel Race (I'll Wait For You), Toy Dancing, Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho, Hey Joe

I chose to review this show, but I actually saw an acoustic MMW show on vacation in Boston that was better. To hear Medeski on a Grand piano is a treat.

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