Live New Orleans


House of Blues

July 10, 2000

This weirdo rock group played for three hours or more. All of you eclectic rock people hopefully know who Ween is. If you don't, check out "Chocolate and Cheese," arguably their best album.

They were touring behind "White Pepper," a great pop/rock album. The place was packed, and the show was phenomenal. They were tight, and they had smoke machines. Gene Ween did most of the talking--a lot of mumbling. They opened with my favorite song--"Buckingham Green"--so the pressure was off of me from then on. They played classics like "Spinal Meningitis," Mister Will You Please Help My Pony," and "Voodoo Lady." "Bananas and Blow" was particularly funny because I think it's a direct attack on Jimmy Buffett, who has a crappy venue here. "The Grobe" was also great, just because I enjoy evil stoner-rock. This show was probably an unconscious get together of everyone in New Orleans who has a sick sense of humor.

Setlist: Buckingham Green, Spinal Meningitis, Now I'm Freakin' Out, Stallion Pt.3, Bananas & Blow, Take Me Away, Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy), Even If You Don't, MWYPHM Pony, Voodoo Lady, Mutilated Lips, Exactly Where I'm At, Roses Are Free, Piss Up A Rope, Drifter In The Dark, Waving My Dick In The Wind, Touch My Tooter, Dr. Rock, Stroker Ace, Pandy Fackler, Mister Richard Smoker, Ocean Man, Frank, HIV Song, Mollusk, El Camino, She Fucks Me, Fluffy

Encore: Ice Castles, The Grobe, Baby Bitch, Band On The Run, The Homo Rainbow, LMLYP.

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