Live New Orleans


The Howlin' Wolf

September 29, 1999

I had their latest album, Terror Twilight, was familar with their older stuff, was with friends who were fans, and I was ready to rock.

The stage was adorned with multi-colored christmas lights. The band was aloof and said very little to the audience throughout the night, but what could I expect from shoegazers?

The band actually started off their set with my favorite song off their new album, "Cream of Gold," a dark rocker full of hooks. The room got energetic when Pavement played their well-known songs--"Cut Your Hair," "Shady Lane," "Stereo." My favorite song of the night was the obscure "We Dance" from their third album, "Wowee Zowee." What a weird, soothing, romantic song.

I'm glad I went. It was a good show, and they broke up soon after this tour.

Setlist: Cream of Gold, Father to a Sister of Thought, Billie, Cut Your Hair, Shoot the Singer, Conduit for Sale!, You are a Light, Shady Lane, Kennel District, Spit on a Stranger, Debris Slide, The Hexx, Stop Breathin', We Dance, Folk Jam, Unfair, Sinister Purpose Jam, Green River Jam, Major Leagues, Stereo.

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