Live New Orleans

Ben Harper

Voodoo Music Festival

October 28, 2000

An inspirational set from such a talented artist. Also, there was so much weed smoke in the air. He started his set with "Burn One Down." And then everyone did exactly that. I hadn't understood the meaning of the song until that moment. The hard rocker "Ground On Down" was mean/nasty. Great song. "Burn To Shine" was nice, but a nice surprise was "Voodoo Child(slight return)" and a piece of "Kashmir."

Human beatbox Rahzel from The Roots did an improv of "Ironman," which was too cool for words. Then, Rahzel stuck around to hel Harper out on "Steal My Kisses." Harper finished the set with "Faded," which had a little bit of "Whole Lotta Love" in it.

Harper is still one of the best guitarists and vocalists we have. The man's slide guitar sound seemed like it should have been able to cut through more than air. So powerful.

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