Live New Orleans

The Dave Matthews Band


November 30, 1998

He and his band were at The Acura Stage, or whatever it was called then. So many, many people. Got a spot to the far right. I couldn't see drummer Carter Beauford. This sucked 'cause he was and is one of my favorite drummers. The show was great. I wish I had caught Matthews when he was still playing theatres, but he and his band played past their 7 p.m. curfew. I was feeling bad, so I left right after "Crash," but I was told later he closed with "Halloween," one of my favorite DMB songs. Oh, well. Tight-ass band.

Anecdote: my friend Bobby and his friends saw Matthews in the Quarter and stopped him to get an autograph. Matthews is seen in the picture with his arm around one of Bobby's under-age friends looking down her shirt. Hilarious.

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