Live New Orleans

Frank Black and The Catholics

House of Blues

May 22, 2000

Frank Black lets the music do the talking. I've seen him live three or four times, and every concert, he barely said a thing to the audience. He occasionally stands with his back to the audience, so when he and his band are having an off night, their ineptitude is magnified by their cold nature. On a good night, though, like the one at the House of Blues on May 22, 2000, I wanted nothing more than for him to shut up and mow through his songs. Black had master pianist Eric Drew Feldman with him on this date, and that fact made the performance more special. Black rocked, whether doing fast solo songs or his harder, grittier new songs with The Catholics. Feldman added a haunted feeling to the concert with his simple and lonely melodies. Black played the Pixies song "Where is My Mind" at one point, and I felt honored to have heard it live. Frank Black, whether by himself or with the Pixies, will always be the black rider delivering spooked out rock.

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