Live New Orleans


The Varsity Theatre

November 30, 1997

Tennessee band Self played LSU's parade ground festival earlier in the day. They put on a tight and highly energetic show that included "Cannon." Because they mixed electronic sounds with off-time meters, pulling their music off live without a glitch was pretty impressive.

Later that night, they headlined a show at The Varsity Theatre. It blew my freaking mind. They rocked hard, yet they did so with intelligence and humor. Vocalist/bandleader Matt Mahaffey switched from guitar to piano to weird sampling gear he had set up stage center. Their set centered on their second album, Breakfast With Girls, but the night's highlight was "Trunk Fulla Amps." This song was played on KLSU, but it wasn't yet released on Self's third album, Gizmodgery. It was a testosterone filled anthem that proved rock can hit you harder with texture than just force.

Mahaffey and Self will soon release their fourth album, ornament and crime

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