Live New Orleans

Stone Temple Pilots

UNO Lakefront Arena

May 09, 1997

These guys were a well-oiled machine live. They drilled holes confidently into my brain as vocalist Scott Weiland's body-wriggling gave the music more energy. I remember them throwing in an acoustic set in the middle of their performance to stretch out the mood. They were touring behind their third album, 1996's Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop.

Cheap Trick opened the show. I didn't know who they were then, but now I might enjoy the show a little more. My friend Carl and I joked about Weiland's drug abuse before the show went on. There was a large disco ball hanging above the stage. We said that it was full of cocaine and that when STP started, Weiland would order for the cocaine to bathe him.

Setlist: Crackerman, Meatplow, Tumble in the Rough, Vasoline, Silvergun Superman, Wicked Garden, Daisy(Acoustic), Dancing Days(Acoustic), Creep(Acoustic), Pretty Penny(Acoustic), Seven Caged Tigers(Acoustic), Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart, Plush, Big Empty, Interstate Love Song, Lounge Fly, Unglued, Big Bang Baby, Dead and Bloated, Sex Type Thing.

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