Live New Orleans


House of Blues

November 30, 1999

Before the concert began, I requested that vocalist/guitarist John Davis play their recorded cover of The Pixies' "Wave of Mutilation," as it is my favorite Pixies song. He said he didn't want to screw it up or make a fool out themselves. Something like that.

This trio from Knoxville is best known for their radio hit from '95, "Sucked Out," but they're more than a one hit wonder. They play straightforward hard rock with catchy melodies and hooks. And, then there's the simple yet effective pounding from drummer Don Coffey, Jr.

Davis and the bassist were dressed in all black and smoking away. Davis looked like he was on a bender. It was a true rock and roll show. They rocked, as expected, and they played cuts from every album. It was nice they tried to ignore the few hecklers they had. Some guy there was a bigger fan than me, so when I handed him the setlist from the stage at the end of the show, it was like I was giving him the holy grail.

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