Live New Orleans


House of Blues

November 30, 2000

After six years of waiting, Toadies fans finally got to hear the band's second album in 2001, Hell Below/Stars Above. The Texas band played the House of Blues on their extensive tour supporting the album. They played most of the songs from both albums, and since they said onstage their song "Tyler" straight from The Pixies, they played "Where is My Mind?" I knew all the songs from both albums, so when no one was really getting into the music, I positioned myself at the back of the crowd and headbanged and jumped up and down. The band had so much energy and anger live. I think it had been a while since I had seen a blown up rock concert in New Orleans. People chanted for bassist Lisa Umbarger, who is the band's spine. And yes, lead singer Todd Lewis is one ugly dude, but who cares when he writes such great rock songs? It was funny when he got upset when someone requested "Possum Kingdom," which they played. His point was that the crowd had waited so long to hear their new music, and the one song they wanted to hear was the hit "Possum Kingdom?"

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