Live New Orleans

Busta Rhymes

Contemporary Arts Center

November 30, 1999

I think this was 2000. Could have been '99, but it doesn't matter. Busta rocked the mic. I could have done without the drawn out boring D.J. intro by one of his Flipmode Squad mates, but once he hit the stage, it was on. Busta and his side vocal man, Spliff, stalked across the stage. They are a great team, with Spliff weaving in and out of Busta's personal space in a dramatic way. Busta had his testosterone going, getting' all angry in his vocal attack. It was cool. I came to hear the hits, but I wasn't prepared to hear Busta rap as fast as he does on his albums. He is the fastest and best I've heard, live or elsewhere. Not only was he backed by head-knocking beats, but he dropped pop-culture influenced rhymes I could relate to. I'm not sure if Flipmode is the greatest, as Busta likes to say, but I think Busta may be the greatest.

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