Live New Orleans


House of Blues

April 09, 2000

For some reason, only E, the lead singer of the eels, showed up to open up for Fiona Apple at The House of Blues. It was maybe a blessing in disguise. E didn't try to hide the fact he was nervous onstage by himself, but this made his performance more real. He talked about how his girlfriend said he could get through the show. E switched from piano to guitar, and he did beautiful stripped down versions of songs from his first three albums. He had such a heartfelt and personal delivery that it was very hard not to be touched by the songs. The best songs that night came from the third album, Daisies of the Galaxy. I didn't even stick around for Fiona Apple. Sure she's good, but she's only something. The eels will hold their own against time and will be remembered as the real thing.

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