Live New Orleans

Rage Against The Machine

UNO Lakefront Arena

November 30, 1998

We had floor! I had seen them before, but I was coming with three fans who hadn't, so I knew it would be a momentous night. Rage had their proactive/protest booths set up in the arena's lobby, but we went straight for the music. Not that I wouldn't support some of their causes, but this is a consumer culture, baby! That was a joke.

So, old school rap group Black Star opened. I should have given them more of a chance, but they didn't strike my ear. I was hoping Rage would open with "Testify," their first song of their new and third album, The Battle of Los Angeles, and they did! Man, the song slowly built up in that drumroll and then the place exploded in energy. Talk about some brute force testosterone let loose. It felt good. I let the mosh pit have its fun right in front of me while I stoicly headbanged. They played my favorite off the new album, "Born of a Broken Man," and it was great they played non-studio album favorites, "No Shelter" and "The Ghost of Tom Joad."

The band was tight, as expected. Zack De La Rocha didn't address the crowd much, also as expected. My neck hurt later.

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