Live New Orleans

The Smashing Pumpkins


November 26, 1996

From Baton Rouge, fellow LSU students Scott Jenquine, Jason Montegut and I drove to Lafayette for this show. Before this show and Kazaa, I was obsessed with this band and downloading their rare music off the web. So, I was psyched for the show. Siamese Dream was a classic, Mellon Collie was a piece of art I was sure I would figure out sooner or later, and I stumbled onto the hard-rocking Gish.

As will happen, I remember more about things surrounding the show than the actual show. Garbage opened and ruled. We had balcony seats. I wished I was on the floor so I could look up Shirley Manson's skirt. OK, so that's perverse. Upon arriving back at LSU, I remember feeling spent and pleased. Something about the show must have gone right. Here's the setlist. My favorite: Porcelina of the Vast Oceans. Show: Where Boys Fear To Tread, Zero, By Starlight, Tonight, Tonight, Thru the Eyes of Ruby, Siva, Disarm, Today, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Muzzle, Porcelina of the Vast Oceans, Rocket Encore 1: Cherub Rock, Drown, Hummer Encore 2: 1979, X.Y.U.

I remember the UNO show better. It was almost 3 hours long. I actually got busted by security for trying to record the show. I went with my friends Sean and Kelly. The Frogs opened with some weirdo rock. Also on the bill was Fountains of Wayne, touring behind their first album released on Pumpkins guitarist James Iha's record label. They were solid, and I was thinking, "Who are these guys?" At that point in my life, I had no respect for opening bands. They could be amazing and I'd still think they sucked because I had such tunnel vision for the headliner. So, FOW made an impression.

We had balcony, but it didn't matter. The band blew me away. Probably cause it was the last show on their year plus tour. Their technical efficiency/prog rock influences combined with their raw emotion kicked my ass, and it's one of the reasons I love the band so much. At one point, Billy Corgan told the audience that the show had been an add-on date—that the band could have gone anywhere and they chose New Orleans, so we better be appreciative. What a weird/snotty/mean thing to say. Great show. Here's the setlist: Tonight, Tonight, Cherub Rock, Where Boys Fear To Tread, Rhinocerous, Today, Zero, Fuck You, Porcelina, Rocket, Thirty-Three, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Muzzle, Disarm, Through the Eyes of Ruby. Encore 1: 1979, XYU Encore 2: Drown, Siva Encore 3: Silverfuck

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