Live New Orleans

Foo Fighters

Rendon Inn

November 30, 1994

At this point, I wasn't going to shows by myself, so I got my friend Ryan, who could have cared less, to go with me. I will always be indebted to you, Ryan. This was senior year, the Friday night before a big cross country meet. But, I wasn't a very good runner, so I picked the Foo Fighters.

The ghost of Kurt Cobain still lingered, and I couldn't believe the drummer for Nirvana and the frontman for this great, hard rockin' new band was touring the country in a van. The Rendon Inn, a converted hangar, was half-filled, and there was no A/C. Therefore, a sweatfest. Cool Reggae/Rap/Roots band Spearhead("there's a hole in the bucket") opened, and the crowd respected them, but the two bands together were a strange grouping.

I had the time of my life when the band hit the stage. I jumped up and down so much, and screamed the lyrics, and threw my body around a little bit. The band was so energetic, and I really got into it. I remember they played "Down In The Park," a Gary Numan cover which would later be recorded by the band. They closed out the show with "Exhausted," an awesome slow burning song that encapsulated my feeling at the end of the concert. I walked out of the hangar with my shirt soaked in sweat and a big smile on my face.

I've been to four other Foo Fighters concerts in New Orleans since that one(State Palace, House of Blues, Endfest, opening for The Red Hot Chili Peppers at The UNO Lakefront Arena). The best was probably the HOB show. They were touring off my favorite album of theirs, The Colour and the Shape, the place was intimate, I was with friends, and the band hadn't lost their hard-rockin' edge yet. Yes, they still rock, but they've lost their edge.

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