Live New Orleans

Nirvana and The Breeders

UNO Lakefront Arena

December 03, 1993

If only I had known, I woulda paid a whole lot more attention. I remember standing in line with my friend Carl outside of Blockbuster Music on W.Esplanade Blvd. in Kenner to get tickets. I liked Nirvana, but Carl loved Nirvana. It was only after Kurt's death that I would follow up my purchase of the band's second and third albums with my purchase of almost anything Nirvana had recorded. We got balcony and sat with his older brother Pat, who drove us. Shonen Knife, who opened the show, is still the worst live band I've seen. If they hadn't been opening for Nirvana at an arena show, I could have written them off. But, they were bumbling, incoherent, Japanese girls who couldn't play. I don't know why Kurt liked them. The Breeders saved the show next, and Kim Deal made fun of Shonen Knife. Harsh, but at least there was a consensus.

Nirvana hit the stage with seizure lights, enormous feedback, large anatomy mannequin angels, and Pat Smear. I kept wondering what he was doing up there. Anyway, I wish I could remember more of it, but I'm sure if it sucked, I would remember. The cellist made an appearance. And, of course, they played "Smells Like Teen Spirit" sixth. I miss Kurt.

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