Live New Orleans

Pearl Jam and Urge Overkill

UNO Lakefront Arena

November 19, 1993

This was a mega huge concert sophomore year. Pearl Jam, touring on Vs., was already the biggest band in the world. Sorry, Nirvana. Pearl Jam had to add on a third show when the first two sold out. I lucked out when I had my Mom drop me off at UNO alone and I got a balcony seat the day of the third show. I sat with some people out on the concrete from 3 p.m. until the doors opened to get a good seat. A couple rows back on the balcony, I was amped. Urge Overkill, those salt of the earth rockers from Chicago, did some great rockin'. They were touring behind Saturation and their hits "Sister Havana" and "Positive Bleeding." Still great songs.

There was a rumor going around that Eddie wasn't singing "Black" anymore because it was too painful. He didn't sing it on the first two nights, but when the band went into it, the place erupted. It's like everyone had heard the rumor. The band played almost all the songs off the first two albums in the 100 minutes they were onstage. I'm glad they played "State of Love and Trust," and they closed the show with "Indifference."
Great show.

I've seen Pearl Jam in '95, 2000, and 2003 since that show. The best one of the three was their concert at Tad Gormley in '95. A 3 hour show with multiple encores and beautiful versions of "Yellow Ledbetter" and "Rockin' in the Free World." I remember sliding along the rain-soaked tarp like it was a slip and slide. After Vitalogy, before No Code.

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