Live New Orleans

Guns N'Roses, Metallica, Faith No More

The Superdome

November 30, 1991

This was my second concert. I remember bragging to my friend Carl in P.E. class that I was going, but I don't think he was as interested in the bands as I was. I was driven by Matt Welch's dad or mom. Austin was there again, along with a few more guys. We had high seats, but we didn't care.

Faith No More impressed me, even though I only knew of "Epic" and maybe a few other songs. I got to see them again at Endfest in 1999, when they were touring behind their last album, Album of the Year. The band, except for drummer Mike Bordin, were dressed in suits, and they were very theatrical. Especially vocalist Mike Patton. I think he played some kind of recorder for their great cover of "Midnight Cowboy." The band rocked, and they didn't seem like they were on their way out.

Metallica took the stage, and they rocked. They were at the peak of their power, with their huge iron stages and three hour sets. They had guitar, drum and guitar solos, a chance for the other band members to retire underneath the stage and do whatever they did. This was after James Hetfield burned his hand in that pyrotechnics accident, so another guy was doing his rhythm guitar duties while he sang. I haven't seen anyone since Hetfield goad an audience so well. Nothing was ever loud enough from the audience, he was never satisfied. And the fact that this was such a curse-filled departure from my Catholic high school. Every other word was f---. It was liberating, in a way. Very punk-rock via Metal. There was a break in the set when girls were encouraged to show their breasts on the big screens, and that was cool. And then there was "One." I don't know if I've seen such a production over one song. The dome went into complete darkness, and then I heard the clips from the movie used in the video for the song. Then, the song itself and cannons going off.

Guns N' Roses hit the stage late, as expected. "November Rain" was their biggest song at that point, and I was pissed when Axl took an extra breath at the dramatic apex of the song. I wanted to hear a replica of the studio version. They put on a good show, but it was broken up 'cause I think we thought a friend had a suite. So we wandered for a while, as we weren't as interested in Guns N' Roses as Metallica. If I had known what I know now, I would have stayed in my seat. Another successful night.

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