Live New Orleans

Aerosmith and Megadeth

Mississippi Coast Coliseum

November 30, 1990

This was my first concert. I was in 8th or 9th grade. My Mom and Dad drove my friends Ryan, Austin, and I up to Biloxi. My parents rented a room at The Holiday Inn so that when the concert was over the three of us had a place to crash. Thanks to them.

I remember being so psyched standing in the long line on the pavement outside the coliseum. Goofing off with my friends like the kids we were. I had gotten into Areosmith with Pump, and I deemed Get A Grip a respectable follow-up, especially since this was when "Livin' on the Edge" was the big single and Alicia Silverstone hadn't come into the picture yet.

Months later, I saw Aerosmith in New Orleans, and all of the watered-down crap on their album became videos, and that's why people started going to the concerts, not because of the older stuff. It wasn't the same energy. It was still good, but not as good.

Megadeth were touring behind Countdown to Extinction, which I thought was pretty headbangingly righteous. I didn't know any of their earlier stuff.

We had balcony seats but couldn't finagle our way onto the floor. So, there we were, three guys headbanging furiously to Megadeth around a bunch of people who had obviously come to see Aerosmith. Either the row in front of us or the row behind were pissed at us. The music was so great, so heavy, and the most vivid image I have is the drummer being surrounded by cymbals hanging by chains. I thought that was pretty cool.

Aerosmith had a black and white cow-like spotted cloth hoop surrounding the stage, and when they hit the first dramatic point in "Eat The Rich," the cloth fell, and there was the band in all their glory. The band was great, and I remember the sing-along during "Livin' on the Edge" being a highlight and an emotional high-point.

I left the coliseum full of energy, sweaty and very hopeful for the future. It was sorta like, "So, this is what I've been missing."

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