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Theresa Andersson
Official site

Troy Andrews
Official site

The Jazz Vipers
Official site

The Other Planets
Official site

The Pixies
Official site

The Flaming Lips
Official site

The Naked Orchestra
Info about the band via Jeff Albert

The Howlin' Wolf
They got Foo Fighters to play there. That's pretty good. Local and national stuff. Great supporter of local rock.

The place. A historic display of local and national acts. Great site with webcasts. Good drink specials.

The Circle Bar
The female bartenders are sweeties. Great small place to see rock that isn't loud, and even better if it is. It's a surreal sight when a band is rocking out in a guys face and he's still sitting down.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
No matter what anyone says, it's still the best place to catch up on the local bands you've been missing all year.

Tchopshop Media
The wonderful people who designed this site. If you like the look of it, send them an e-mail.

The Onion
Good music reviews and interviews, but more importantly--it's hilarious.

The Times-Picayune
Go here to see when and where everything is happening.

The Rebirth Brass Band
Official site

the subdudes
Official site

The Happy Talk Band
Official site

The Patsy Report
Best info on Cajun and Zydeco events around Lafayette.

They Might Be Giants
Official site. Dial-a-song.

The Polyphonic Spree
Official site

The Melvins
Unofficial site

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists
Official site

The Fiery Furnaces
Official site

The Roots
Official site

Tim Laughlin
Official site

The Big Top
Official site

Humid Beings


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