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Carrollton Station

"I like this site because I like being able to check out bands before i see them. "


"The music critic's journalistic style, the photos are awesome...well, in short, I like everything about the site!"

Kay Cox

"The site has a neat design & open minded reviews. "

Dennis Formento
poet, writer, teacher, frank zappatistas

"There is always a lot to choose from and places to go on the site."

Photographer/Rotary Downs

"The site looks very fun and informative"

Donna Zoppi

"I like the site because it's snarky. "

Habitat for Humanity (um. I work there- it is not a fancy new band name or anything)

"I like the variety of reviews on the site "

Adam Campagna
Big Blue Marble, Blair Gimma

"The site is easy to use and informative"

Johnny Crawfish
Architectual MC

"I like the site's attitude. I think it's fun and geared toward a younger crowd"

Martha Alguera

"I like the site's color scheme & the review of Ghost @ Voodoo(I didn't see them, but the review was great)."

Lionel Toyer
Entertainment/Media Coordinator, French Quarter Festivals Inc.

"Keep it up!"

Brad Gooch

"The site has honest reviews."

ciara joye
Tulane student

"I like everything about the site."

Carrie Lowery

"The site is comprehensive and enthusiastic"

Carl Furlings

"I like the nice photos, the relaxed reviews and the shade of blue. You publish promptly."

David Lasocki
Indiana University

"The site's got coverage for over looked/ignored acts, all genres are represented, and there are decent photos--also, I like the calming blue on blue color scheme."

Sadie Brewton
tulane architecture school

"The ease of use is unmatched!"


"Well written; Great pictures; Nice looking; It rocks socks"

Graduate student

"I like the reviews"

Ben Lasting
Music student

"The site's nice"

philippe billeaudeaux
the amazing nuns

"You guys cover a great variety of bands, many of whom do not receive much other local media attention."

David Fransen
The Fantastic Ooze

"My husband and I are new to the area, so it's giving us a way to learn the music scene and where the fresh interesting artists are. thanks"

Joni Davis

"I like the reviews, the live show listings. I can find out about bands I haven't heard of yet."

Edge Set Mary

"The site is informative, yet unpretentious."

Ian O'Leary
The Saltines

"The site covers pretty much all genres"

Scott Campbell
Bones, Placebot, Harlan

"the FREE Donuts"

The MVC, Brown Sox, TattooVille

"The very fact that it exists. I like the layout - very user friendly, and quick to load (some of us are STILL using dial-up!), and that there is more than just a date and a place concerning upcoming performances. Pictures and reviews/bio's are always helpful."

raymond surinck
HAGUS, Poop du Jour, Project Reject

"I like the site's diversity and that it's well written"

Scott Caro
The Wrong History

"There are lots of reviews about bands that interest me on the site. I like their listing of show dates."

Leslie J

"Who knows New Orleans music better than LiveNewOrleans? Nobody. Quirky reviews with a touch of sassy-frass, earnest and honest, and glazey photos that remind you just what it's like to be in the front row, kickin it every night because that's what's music is all about. Dig it."


"it's informative, and some people like to know what's going on in their own music scene instead of on some national level. I want to know who's playing in New Orleans, not in New York."

Jeremy J. Deibel
columnist, OffBeat Magazine

"Great music that is hard to run across all here."

John Hayes

"keeps me up on NO from afar"

Elzy Lindsey
NO scene veteran

"Very informative"

Jason Montegut

"the fact that it asks "real" questions-worth answering..not the same old bullshit."

Ariel' Murry

"That it exists"


"it's about music, and it's about new orleans"

Sean Solo

"lots of good info about local music"

Art Director

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