Jazzfest Day 1


April 25, 2008


Last year or the year before, I had a good time listening to Kim Carson at The Fais Do Do stage. Not so much this time, because her honky tonk music wasn't big enough for the Acura stage she was on. For some reason, she covered Pink Floyd to close out her set. I'm wondering if I made that up, but I don't think so. I think it was "Comfortably Numb." What a weird choice that didn't work.

I only got to see a little of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, but I felt swindled anyway. What was the deal with Plant coming and going? I didn't go to the Acura stage to hear Krauss, though I'm sure I'd appreciate her music. I went to see and hear Plant play with Krauss, so when went Plant went away, it was like when a good friend leaves you in a room with a person you've just met. Awkward? I did enjoy "The Battle of Evermore." Their voices sounded beautiful together.

Sheryl Crow was Sheryl Crow. Great band, great back-up singers, catchy songs--"My Favorite Mistake," "A Change Will Do You Good," "Can't Cry Anymore," and "Leaving Las Vegas." Catchy but also pretty vacant, like a glossy malaise. Not enough emotional punch. I was hoping she would do "Home," but no dice. I left early.

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