The Bally Who

Circle Bar

April 25, 2008


Because they're one of the few rock bands that augment their lineup show to show, producing ambient experiments with a duo or loose free-for-alls with a septet, I like to see The Bally Who redefine what a band should look like gig to gig. I like to watch them push the envelope and work it out in real time.

Still, the best version of the band is the brothers Dufourc plus bassist Alex Smith and drummer Arthur Mintz. They focus the brothers and elevate their music to the next level. They believe in The Bally Who's potential, a belief that shines through in their live enthusiasm. Mintz pounds his drums as hard as he can, and Smith dances and jerks like you've never seen him.

At The Circle Bar Friday night, there was just a great positive vibe as the four of them really, really enjoyed playing music together. Didn't hurt that the crowd was full of fans, as well. I loved the first song they played, a new song that was some kind of pop/metal masterpiece. The Bally Who's music is so emotive. It expresses feelings that other music can't, which I guess you could say about any band, but The Bally Who awaken parts of the soul that other bands can't get to. It's magic, and to loosen and open yourself to it is an awesome experience. Because that's what the band wants anyway--just as they try and loosen themselves of social constrictions at concerts they attend, they also want the audience to be free of those same restirctions at their shows. As another local band puts it, "Get your bad off."

I really hope that Smith and Mintz can commit to The Bally Who for the long term. Good things.

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