Blind Melon and Everclear

The Howlin' Wolf

April 17, 2008


I walked in, and it was fairly full in The Wolf.

Blind Melon had started playing fifteen minutes earlier(when they opened with "Galaxie"--doh!), and they continued for ninety more minutes before they called it quits. Someone told me they played so long to punish Everclear for having such a long soundcheck.

I was there for Everclear, not Blind Melon, but the latter impressed me more. It was apparent why they reached a certain level of success. Their band is tight and talented. Kick-ass players, not just some Bee Girl fluke.

I didn't hear one song I recognized, but it didn't matter. They rocked, knowing when to jam out psychedelic and when to pull it in tight and explode. The singer who was taking over for Shannon Hoon was a spot on mimic, which meant that he had an amazing voice. I hate to say this, but it seemed like he had a better voice than Hoon. That guy was not fuckin' around. He was there to blow everyone away, while also during a song break giving props to Hoon and asking the crowd's forgiveness for taking Hoon's place.

When Everclear came on, it was late, and I was tiring. I enjoyed "Father of Mine," but by song four, I was already annoyed by their post album 2 material. I checked the setlist at the sound board, and sure enough, they weren't gonna play something I knew until "Everything to Everyone" and "So Much for The Afterglow." I didn't have it in me to wade through the muck for those two songs.

But Blind Melon...

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