Young Widows

One Eyed Jacks

March 21, 2008


This band was a pleasant suprise, as they opened up for Baroness at One Eyed Jacks Friday night. Young Widows is from Louisville, the remains of Breather Resist, a more typical hardcore metal group. Young Widows is much more sideways, with almost dancey rhythms, like Fugazi and Shellac.

The sloganized, indecipherable, testosterone drenched vocals remind me of Fu Manchu and the Melvins, while their dissonant aggressive noise is reminiscent of Fugazi, but noisier, and prettier and more sophisticated than most math metal. Like The Jesus Lizard in other parts, in the way they sounded dangerous.

I was ready to throw my body against the stage and ride the sound, but just as I was about to, halfway through their set, Young Widow's songs became a little less engrossing, and the moment was gone. But, man, for a second, these guys were destroying the world, and I wanted in. To start screaming and frothing. Tear out my hair and break my back. This is how I've been feeling, but now I hear it.

The music is confused and frenzied, at the end of a rope.

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