They Might Be Giants

House of Blues

March 07, 2008


I had a mediocre experience at this show. I've seen the band be more energetic(though they were tight), and I was standing next a group that wouldn't allow me to enjoy the music. These people(I use this word the same way Daniel Plainview used it) started their own mosh pit and bumped into those around them regardless of what was happening in the song. Shouldn't I not have to worry about people like this when I go to a TMBG show? Just surround me with some meek, socially anxious nerds(I count myself in this group).

The band's usual drummer was on paternity leave, so maybe that's why the band wasn't as into it as they normally are. The band didn't help anything with their choice of a setlist. If it's a given that they're gonna play "Birdhouse," "Particle Man," "Istanbul," "Doctor Worm," and "The Sun," then those other setlist spots become a little more special. It wasn't just that they didn't play anything off of Apollo 18 and John Henry. It was also that when they chose the newer(Mink Car on) songs, they picked some crap. I understand that Flansburgh wants to get his songs in, but they're just not as good as Linnell's. Cyclops Rock? Damn Good Times? Take Out The Trash? No thanks.

I was happy with "Withered Hope," "How Can I Sing Like a Girl," "Hey Mr. DJ I Thought You Said We Had a Deal," "Memo to Human Resources," and "Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head."

A part of me thinks that the concert is worth it just for the John's between song banter and Dan Miller's guitar mastery. During "New Orleans," which was a scary metal song, Miller let his inner Randy Rhodes and Eddie Van Halen shine. Then there's another part of me that likes ice cream.


Doctor Worm
Cyclops Rock
Withered Hope
Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal
The Cap'm
The Shadow Government
Apartment Four
Boss Of Me
Birdhouse In Your Soul
Take Out The Trash
Ana Ng
Damn Good Times
Memo To Human Resources
The Mesopotamians
New York City
I'm Impressed
Alphabet Of Nations
Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head
Particle Man
Why Does The Sun Shine? (The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas)
How Can I Sing Like A Girl?
Clap Your Hands
Miller Time
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
One Dozen Monkeys
It's Not My Birthday

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