Alex and The Thieves

Circle Bar

March 02, 2008


At the beginning of this site, I carried a small notebook to every gig and took extensive notes of the performances. I still have some of those notes, and man, I was really over the top. But, in a good way, because at least when I got home there was no way I was gonna forget what happened. So, it's about three and a half years later, and I'm older(than I've ever been and now I'm even older) and a little bit more forgetful, I think because New Orleans doesn't air ads that warn those who work in bars to cut down a tad, you know, so you don't start having senior moments when you're 30.

This is my way of apologizing for not being really on top of this review on Alex and The Thieves Sunday night at the Circle Bar. I know I had fun and enjoyed the music, as did the other 15 or so assembled around the bar and surrounding the band in the TV room, as the music room was under construction and off limits(and NO, the K&B clock won't be coming down). There was a great vibe that night, probably because of the combination of alcohol and a supremely intimate space.

Alexandra Scott, a songwriter who relocated to New York after the storm but has been in town for the last couple months, played acoustic guitar helped with a small amp. Accompanying her was Jessie, who was great color for the music. She didn't play too much, and she knew when to cover her snare up with a cloth or just use a solitary shaker or tambourine. And, man, when she harmonized with Scott, that was some cool stuff. It means so much to the music to have a second voice come out of nowhere to cradle and secure it.

Scott played lush, country-fied pop songs full of romantic tone. The beat was essential. I remember keeping it a lot, and thinking that the songs would be good for dancing. And, though, the songs were catchy(especially "Elvis"), the centerpoint of the show was Scott's strong voice, no doubt. It was beautiful, the few times she really let it rip.

And that's about all I remember.

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