Hurray for The Riff Raff


February 25, 2008


Hurray for The Riff Raff touched me deeply Monday night at Mimi's, so much so that time seemed to freeze and the world seemed to relax for a second.

Using banjo, accordion, horns, fiddle, pertcussion and bass, the local group led by Alynda Lee play dark tunes, whether slow or uptempo. The songs are sung from a depressive standpoint, musing and cautioning on the street and hard knock life.

The best songs were the slower, more delicate ones("Little Things," "Junebug Waltz," and "Fly Away") that seemed so deceptively simple but certainly spacious and sweet. Lee's songwriting is staggering and her music is heartbreaking.

But, maybe best is her voice, which reminded me of different demale jazz vocalists and also Fiona Apple.

It's music to lose yourself in.

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