The Black Rose Band

One Eyed Jacks

February 22, 2008


I love The Black Rose Band. They're metal, they're hard rock, they're punk, and they're a little bit country. There's something about their overall scuzziness and irreprehensible nature that shines under the rock and roll light.

Their boogie and overall "fun" factor made them much more fun to headbang to than the usual heavy band. As it should be, King Louie Bankston, the lead singer and guitarist, is the focus of the band. He's a born performer, a rock and roll believer, and a man who knows the importance of a nice dramatic point of his pick finger right before a big riff.

The songs are pop gems, but maybe more important is the way they're delievered. Throughout the set Louie relied on lead guitarist Julian as his foil, going back to back with him or facing him close-up to make their woven lead guitar mastery more apparent.

Props to Dustin for his solid, apparently effortless drumming(and his tattoos), but I give no props to the charisma-less new bass player. He's gotta get into it more. Headbang that shit.

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