Dead Meadow

One Eyed Jacks

February 15, 2008


There is a despair yet hope in Dead Meadow's music. A smoky, stoned caress deposited directly from the psychedelic hard rock sounds of yesteryear.

I walked into One Eyed Jacks Friday night and was greeted by a pounding wall of sound. I thought, "Are these guys trying to be Blue Cheer?" And if so, is that so bad?

The band from D.C. was very good at diverting instrumentals into the stratosphere, pitch black and fuzzed out. That's the tough part about this music. Half of it tells you to chill, and the harder half tells you to peel your face off.

The highlight of the night was "At Her Open Door," the band's masterpiece, to date. I'm not sure if I've heard a more romantic AND nihilistic song. Just beautiful.

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