Johnny Vidacovich Duo and Coogan

d.b.a. and The Dragon's Den

February 12, 2008


Since things were just started to get going at The Dragon's Den, I headed over to d.b.a. to catch Vidacovich play with ex-Quintology guitarist Brian Seeger. I wasn't expecting much, as the last time I saw their duo they seemed to coast. This night, though, they had FUN. One song was a minor chord slice of sadness that made me hang my head, but that was the exception. Seeger was playing some head-banging riffs that any stoner metal group would have been happy to make a bit meatier. The duo was enjoyable, either when Vidavovich went 4/4 for maximum rockiness or weaved around the riff. Seeger was impressive when he rattled off solos, but he could have been even more so if he had been in shape. His face got red quickly, showing he could have benefited from some practice.

I know there's a method to Vidacovich's ADD madness, but a part of me hopes he's just confident and talented enough to throw caution to the wind and just assume he'll land back where he needs to be.

Later I headed back to the Den to hear Justin Peake, Dan Oestricher and Brian Coogan play free jazz. They were loose and silly and down-syndromey, then they fell in and sounded tight, and danceable, and then they went searching again.

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