The Bally Who and The Early Day Miners

Dragon's Den

February 11, 2008


Every time I see The Bally Who they have a new trick up their sleeve. In the last few months of displaying songs from their latest album, they went from an orchestra of percussion accompaniment to a regular four piece rock set-up. Monday night at The Dragon's Den, the arrangement of players was again different, with percussionist Anthony Cuccia joining the brothers Dufourc, but this time the songs were augmented or new. Melody was sparse, with ambience through repetition the name of the hour. They were reaching for a feeling, and sometimes they caught it, but most times they missed it. After a long set I had a craving for a normal Bally Who song. The songs I did recognize were barely so after being stripped down.

I did enjoy the hip-hop beats and the fact that the band is always challenging themselves and looking for new sounds. That's more important than whether I enjoy the music--I think.

I was excited to see The Early Day Miners, but they only played a few songs, as there were barely any people in the Den. Check out The Early Day Miners.

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