The Bad Off

One Eyed Jacks

July 20, 2007


It's refreshing for a local band to be so bombastic, glitter-soaked, and confident in their swagger. The Bad Off were fun and headbangarific at One Eyed Jacks Friday night, though I really wish some of the smashed meatheads up front weren't so into it. How do their women deal with their belligerence? The Bad Off were full of testosterone and pretty tight, though I'm sure as they get more acquainted with their newer material they'll get even better. I'm still wating on that new album of theirs.

I love seeing The Bad Off because I don't have to feel weird about letting loose. I just wish that the crowd they're catering to would be as open to crowd participation. But, hell, if Supagroup can do it.

A lot of music is good, but how much of it is fun like riding a rollercoaster is fun? At least there's The Bad Off.

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