Circle Bar

July 06, 2007


It's good to have a theme. Just ask The White Stripes. Though it's superficial, you never hear anyone complaining about the band's color scheme. Why? Maybe because there's beauty in simplicity, or maybe just because people like themes. The reasoning being that there are enough run-of-the-mill rock bands out there, give us something that is restrictive but in turn interesting.

Local punk band Ratzinger(the name of the current Pope) wear all white, sing about the "sign of the cross" and "holy rock and rollers," along with selling rosaries at their shows. They've got the market cornered on that whole former Catholic schoolboy thing. I think.

Ratzinger rocked at the Circle Bar about a week ago. This was my first time seeing them, and the duo of guitar/vocalist Chris and drummer/vocalist Nick were a revelation, sorta how Antenna Inn and Metronome The City have also been, recently. Like, someone is doing something very different from everything else around here, and they're doing it well.

The band was just so loud and ferocious and unrelenting. They took turns screaming, about what I'm not really sure mattered. It's great to be at a rock show where the band is willing to put their bodies and souls into the music. After they climbed on the mantle a few times and threw themselves themselves around without worry, I really thought I was gonna see blood. Instead the band got naked, which was the only other place they could have gone with it at that point. The whole thing was chaotic and a bit dangerous and fun.

Am I leaving the music out? The music was great. I couldn't have gotten so much out of the show if the music wasn't pushing me along to that better point.

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