Polyphonic Spree

House of Blues

June 26, 2007


I learned a lesson at the House of Blues Tuesday night. I learned that there's no point to put half of your heart into a Polyphonic Spree show. If you're not going all in, you might as well not be there. Polyphonic Spree put on a very participatory show full of handclapping and encouraged shouting of lyrics, and since I wasn't on the floor and close to the crowd energy, I felt awkward. And it made me feel like, "Well, if I'm not giving everything back at every conect I got to, then what's the point?" So, I got kicked in the ass, and it felt great.

The Polyphonic Spree put on a great show full of confetti and onstage dancing and a harp and and a horn section and chimes and a harmonium, and more. They were on, smiles abounding, seemingly amazed at the monstrous sound they could create. I'd say there were twelve musicians onstage, not counting the six person choir. They were all dressed in black uniforms adorned with red here and there.

The group from Dallas played exuberant indie pop that seemed a simplisitic response to the complexities of life. For example, taking a moment to appreciate the fact that we have a Sun. The music seemed to be a purposeful attempt to be positive when its naturally easier to be negative.

For the encore the group changed into white robes and walked to the stage through the crowd. The audience had been pretty lackluster up to this point, for some reason. Seems like most didn't know the music and just showed up because they were told of the amount of people in the group or that it was gonna be a spectacle or whatnot. Anyway, the first song was a cover of Nirvana's "Lithium," and this was where the crowd went nuts and really came alive and finally starting singing together.

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