Soilent Green

One Eyed Jacks

June 09, 2007


Wow. How have I been missing out on Soilent Green for so long? They don't play my type of metal, but they're fun and cathartic, nonetheless. Through different incarnations the Metairie grindcore band has been around since '88, and they haven't lost a drop of relevance, it seems. The music sounds just as unsettling and scary and heavy as anything else out there(except maybe Dillinger Escape Plan, whose math metal seems to influence and be influenced by Soilent Green) and their loyal crowd almost packed One Eyed Jacks Saturday night.

The music certainly kept my attention. It changed enough to impress me but not so much that it turned me off. I loved the energy they came with. Singer Ben Falgoust stalked the stage, and I was a little intimidated all the way at the back of the club. Dude was worked up--in a good way.

The scaiest thing about the band? When the music is thrashing away and Falgoust just starts talking in this hateful, monotone voice and the music just keeps going, like it's a soundtrack to his thoughts. Evil and creepy and awesome.

Still unsure what Soilent Green is about? This description was taken from the band themselves, from their myspace:

"Billie Holiday awakes from a long night of drug induced satisfaction with a hangover of stifled emotions. A train wreck smashing through the back secluded walls of your mind. Question life's choices and you have no hand in the matter. Things begin to suddenly come together to only have your heart ripped out through your mouth. A girl that was raped, sitting in the corner of a room with razors for thoughts. Just when all your romantic dreams come true the reality slaps you in the face and you wake up in the middle of a TV show about dysfunctional families. Betrayed by yourself to save the faith of your new born enemies that were once friends. Mistaken game of Russian Roulette turned on your close family. A soundtrack of evolution to your inner downfalls of revolution. Achievements & Failures. Happy now?"

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