Truck Farm

May 03, 2007


I really enjoyed my first time at Chazfest, and I hope it continues from here on out. Chazfest 2007 was held in the Truck Farm Studios backyard and was produced, as far as I know, by Alex McMurray and Kourtney Keller.

It felt really comfortable and natural in the backyard, and the series of shacks and structures strewn throughout it were almost unreal. I don't think a crew from Disney could have put it together better. It looked like an old horse stable back there. Chazfest felt real neighborhoody, like a friend decided to have a concert in his backyard.

Let me get the amenities outta the way. The margaritas were great and needed, as were the Port-O-Lets. The water was cheap, as was the food, both of which were suggested donation.

I got there just as Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship was ending. They're so sincere and full of young, head-exploding earnesty. Like their life depends on their performance, which is a wonderful thing to watch.

Next up was local garage rockers Narcissy. The crowd was ripe for Jay Holland's witty lyrics. This is the best recpetion I've seen the band get. I love their carefree, sloppy rock. It's pretty unaffected. I just wish Holland could face the crowd.

For the next two bands, Schatzy and The Tin Men, I don't know where I was. I think I was wandering and talking. Anyway, I've seen those bands enough.

Next up was the highlight of the day--Soul Asylum. They gave me exactly what I expected--catchy pop rock with an edge and an attitude. They played all the hits--"Black Gold," "Somebody to Shove," "Runaway Train." I was diggin' the lead guitar. That's right--TWO GUITARS! I know it's a crazy idea, but before bands starting substituting one of the guitars for a turntable or a keyboard, you had two axes.

The band was pretty tight, and they looked really loose, like they were having fun, no stress. The best moment was when the crowd started singing "Frustrated, incorporated," when "Misery" hit the mid-song lull. Pretty damn cool. Thanks for playing, Soul Asylum.

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